Services on offer at the Redlynch Central Car Wash

At Redlynch Central Car Wash, we understand that your car, motorbike, boat, caravan, classic vehicle or SUV is more than just a simple mode of transportation. Our mission is to protect your automotive investment and bring out the full beauty and lustre of your vehicle. Regardless of your busy schedule, we provide you with the convenient and professional service your vehicle deserves and we strive to make sure each customer leaves knowing Redlynch Central Car Wash Does it Right!

Latest Laser Technology

Xpress Wash $10

Exterior vehicle wash inclusive of Pre soak , foaming soak, High pressure rinse, spot free rinse.

Deluxe Wash $15

Underbody with wheel blasters, pre soak, double foaming soak, high pressure rinse, Proshine Ceramic Total Body Wax Protectant, spot free rinse.

Ultimate Wash $17

Underbody with wheel blasters, pre soak, double foaming soak, high pressure rinse, Proshine Ceramic Total Body Wax Protectant, triple shine, spot free rinse.

Automatic self serve washes

Both our automatic bays have an arm that can clean the back of SUV’s.

All of the washes use warm water

Laser Wash

Self Serve Bays

Do you enjoy cleaning your own car?  But don’t have the facilities at home? Come on down to Redlynch Central Car Wash and you can take your time and wash your own car using our new facilities.

We have two manual wash bays in addition to the SuperBay for those who like to wash their own cars. You can find the dryer in Bay 1, closest to the office, perfect for both cars and motor bikes.

Self Serve Bay

Boat and Caravan Wash Superbay

Our SuperBay has been designed specifically for boats, motorhomes and caravans.  The Bay is 15 metres in length and height to the boom is 4.7metres.

With access platforms purpose built (at 4 metres apart), a marine flush for your boat motor and ample room for the vehicle and trailer, it makes sense to call in on the way home from the boat ramp or camping/travelling and wash down the caravan/camper/motor home or boat.

With wash equipment at both ends of the bay, you can wash the tow vehicle and boat/camper/caravan simultaneously. Wash with a friend!

Dog Wash

The K9000® by Tru Blu Dog Wash is Australia’s premium self-serve dog wash machine.

Tru Blu Dog Wash is Australia’s leading DIY dog wash manufacturer. The market leading K9000® Dog Wash machines are found all around the country – and are also exported around the world.

K9000® – the first fully self-contained DIY dog wash in Australia. The manufacturing companies core focus was to create a coin operated DIY dog wash unit with unseen durability, strong modular components, exceptional build quality and be easy and intuitive to use.

Today, the K9000® is by far and away the most requested dog wash on the market, and every year more dogs are washed with the K9000® than any other DIY dog wash.The K9000® by Tru Blu Dog Wash is Australia’s premium self-serve dog wash machine.

At  Redlynch Central Car Wash we have a dual unit which enables two dogs to be washed at the same time.  Cost per wash  is $10.00 for 10 minutes using either coins or tokens.

Dog Wash

Bike Wash

Our bike wash is the newest addition to our site, having been installed in October 2020.  It has been developed by the same people who build and supply the K9000 Dog Wash.  Bike Wash Australia is the ultimate DIY bicycle cleaning machine.  It is safe, efficient and easy.  The Bike Wash uses warm water, specially formulated soap, safe water pressure and a dryer.

The following bikes are all safe to use in the purpose built wash station:  Mountain Bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, full suspension bikes, electric bikes, BMX bikes, trick bikes, commuting bikes, cyclocross bikes, triathlon/time trial bikes, track bikes, fixed gear bikes, adult trikes, folding bikes and kids’ bikes are all safe to use in the station.

Cost per wash is $8.00 for 10 minutes with coins or tokens.

Shampoo & Fragrance

We have a range of shampoos and fragrances available for purchase onsite. This will leave your car smelling extra fresh!


Vacuum Bay

We have 4 vacuum bays for you to keep your car clean on the inside.

$1.00 for 3 minutes
$1.00 for 90 seconds in our SuperVac –  this vacuum uses a turbo vacuum to get out the tiny  bits of dust, dirt, sand and doghair.

Fragrance can also be added if you wish to have your car smelling extra nice.