The Great Bicycle Challenge

We are delighted to be supporting Karen Ferrero in her ride to fight kids cancer in the GreatCycleChallenge. Pop in for a free bike wash when you’ve completed the challenge Karen!

Karen Ferreros Story

October has arrived and we are off and riding. My first ride was very thought provoking. I’m riding in honour of my nephew who lost his battle several years ago and as I rode I pondered some of the conversations I had with this remarkable little boy.

The day was amazing, it was early and people were just getting started so it was still quiet, just the birds chattering. I recall a similar morning sitting out on the family trampoline with Roy, who at the time must have been all of six years old and I asked him was he scared. His reply showed just how special and insightful he was.

“Not for me, but I’m so worried about Mummy. She isn’t coping very well you know and I don’t know what will happen if I die.”

Just as I’m recalling this conversation I stop at the river crossing and take a photo and I realise Roy rides with me.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated your generosity has astounded me.

Thanks for your support.